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A mobile advertising solution for brands that want to get heard

AdVoice is a revolutionary new mobile advertising channel that gets your brand heard by way of serving audio ads to individuals calling mobile subscribers. During the call pick-up time, which generally averages 12 seconds, advertisers have the undivided attention of their audience. With mobile phones outnumbering daily newspapers by a factor 10, computers by 3 and TV-sets by 2, you are guaranteed the widest reach too.


Managing campaigns is easy. AdVoice’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) allows campaigns to be created in 5 intuitive steps and gives the booker full control over preferences such as dates, times, budgets, product interests and profiles. Accredited advertisers will furthermore have access to AdVoice’s effective ad production guidelines, ad production experts and customer support team.


Measuring campaign results is transparent too. Reports and analytics are available online and only ads that have played for more than 5 seconds will be billed. With its capabilities to re-target your audience by voice and to include lead-generating call-to-actions, AdVoice is in every way a medium that enables you to build an engaging, 1-on-1 relationship with your customer at anonymised mobile number level, and in addition to your digital campaigns.

How does it work?



Harness the advertising opportunity created by incoming calls

Create a 1-on-1 engagement with your target group

Deliver measurable audio ads to a captive and attentive audience

Generate instant leads with a non-disruptive call-to-action

Get your brand heard in five simple steps

Book audio ad inventory via an intuitive web-based dashboard

Apply powerful filters for targeting audiences

View campaign status and ad performance at a glance

Guarantee zero wastage; only successful ads are billed