AdVoice » Mobile Operator

Because operators deserve mobile advertising revenue too…

Designed with the Mobile Operator in mind, AdVoice is a new mobile advertising platform that monetises incoming calls. By replacing the ringing tone with audio ads, Mobile Operators can finally tap into a global market that generates a potential 12 billion ad impressions daily. Put into context, that’s three times the number of internet searches performed each day.


AdVoice is a win-situation for your subscribers too. In an opt-in model, they accumulate loyalty points redeemable against free network services. In a packaged model, the audio ad revenue subsidises selected tariff plans. Either way, the ARPU enjoys a positive impact that does not affect your subscribers’ wallets. AdVoice also ensures the caller experience is unaffected: real time intelligent profiling serves relevant audio ads that do not prolong the wait; ceasing the moment the call is answered.


AdVoice’s proven AdRBT technology is now available in your market. Its real time online booking, bidding, profiling and targeting capabilities allow Mobile Operators entry to the digital advertising ecosystem, a domain previously reserved only for OTT Publishers. And with AdVoice offered as a turnkey end-to-end solution that manages the entire spectrum of the Advertiser and Media Agency sales relationship, you can now enjoy access to this revolutionary new revenue stream with no financial commitment.

How does it work?



Person B subscribes to AdVoice


Person A calls Person B


Intelligent profiling delivers targeted ad to Person A until call is answered


Person B rewarded with selected network offers


Utilise existing inventory with no financial commitment

Generate new, external revenue streams by monetising incoming calls

Boost profits with our in-house expert ad sales team

Maintain the caller experience with no additional wait