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Get heard. Guaranteed.

AdVoice serves mobile audio ads to consumers. We replace the “beep tone” (a.k.a. the caller tune) with an Advertising Ring Back Tone (AdRBT).


With AdRBT, AdVoice offers a revolutionary new mobile advertising channel that gets your brand heard by way of serving audio ads to individuals calling mobile subscribers. During the call pick-up time, which averages over 15 seconds, advertisers have the undivided attention of their audience.
With mobile phones outnumbering daily newspapers by a factor 10, computers by 3 and TV-sets by 2, you are guaranteed the widest reach too.


Managing campaigns is easy. AdVoice’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) allows campaigns to be created in 5 intuitive steps and gives the booker full control over preferences such as dates, times, budgets, product interests and profiles. Accredited advertisers will furthermore have access to AdVoice’s effective ad production guidelines, ad production experts, our creative- and customer support team.


Measuring campaign results is transparent too. Reports and analytics are available online and only ads that have played for more than 5 seconds will be billed. With its capabilities to re-target your audience with audio ads and to include lead-generating call-to-actions, AdVoice is in every way a medium that enables you to build an engaging, 1-on-1 relationship with your customer at anonymised mobile number level, and in addition to your digital and brand-awareness campaigns.


Now your brand jingle (AdRBT) can replace the caller tune that callers would normally hear when dialing a number and waiting for their call to connect.
While a person waits for his phonecall to be answered…your brand will ‘Get heard’.

How does it work?

Break the clutter

Undivided attention of your Target Group (TG) audience.

15 seconds on average ad playtime and attention span.

One-on-one engagement during normal call waiting period.

Not wasting listeners’ time.

Making brands stand-out in the advertising clutter.

Innovative yet very effective ad format.

Audio is one of the strongest ad formats. Just think of the fact that our hearing sense has already developed at 6 months in utero. Research shows up to twice the brand message recall and purchase intent through audio ads when compared to visual and banner ads. People are hard-wired and extremely receptive to audio.
The unique properties of the AdRBT format will be very convincing to any marketer. The average duration that ads play during the “beep” is more than 15 seconds before a call gets answered.


AdRBTs are a marketer’s dream for engagement and to “Get heard”.

Getting eardrums

No wastage: every ad charged is guaranteed an ad heard

Zero charge for less than 5 seconds listenership

Reach your audience any time of the day: not just during commute like on radio

More cost effective than radio advertising

Offers live campaign reporting dashboards & transparent measurability on KPIs

TV and Radio do not always have country-wide coverage and often suffer from power outages. However, it’s very likely that people have a mobile phone which is how mobile audio advertising with an AdRBT can actually offer massive reach, even in “Media Dark” areas.


Another major edge – which makes it a hybrid model of digital and traditional advertising – is the guaranteed and measureable listenership.
It is known exactly how many unique persons have received the brand’s message; It is simple to show exactly how many ads have been successfully played and for how long, as opposed to Radio and TV measurability.


The beauty is that if a brand books a million impressions, it is guaranteed that a million impressions get delivered.

Unprecedented reach

Penetrates even ‘Media Dark’ areas without (mobile) internet, Radio or TV.

Plays both on smartphones and feature phones.

No ad blocking limitations.

No Do-Not-Disturb (DND) limitations.

Almost everyone has – or at some point will have – a mobile phone; They usually stay ‘on’ all the time, day and night, they aren’t all smartphones as yet and they’re still largely used to simply make phone calls, at any given moment during the day.


An AdRBT does not require mobile internet. They go where Digital can’t go due to lack of mobile internet coverage or people not having a smart phone or data subscription. This format works on any phone – even feature phones – not just on smart phones.


AdRBTs do not get suppressed by today’s ad blockers which is having a major impact on websites and apps today in terms of reach and effectiveness.

Audio is suitable for everyone

Run multi-lingual campaigns.

Suitable for all strata of audiences and literacy levels.

Agnostic to handset type.

Understood in media dark areas.

Heard in media cluttered areas.

An AdRBT is extremely effective when it comes to serving ads in multiple languages to all strata of audiences.


Replacing the “beep” with an AdRBT has actually created a very entertaining and surprising ad format as well.


Just imagine that – while calling someone – you’d be getting a relevant promotional offer “in your ear” brought to you by a brand you like through the voice of a celebrity.


It is why many brands across all verticals are adopting the AdRBT format. Its hybrid nature and –essentially– being a One-on-One radio spot feel very familiar to any marketer.


The difference being, AdRBTs are not wasting your advertising budgets and simply make you ‘Get heard’.

Self-Service campaign setup