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About AdVoice

AdVoice is a mobile audio ad network with the largest reach in this format.
We serve mobile audio ads to consumers by means of replacing the “beep tone” (a.k.a. the caller tune) with an Advertising Ring Back Tone (AdRBT).


With a captive audience, a measurable listenership and a delivery channel that goes beyond smartphones only, AdVoice is in pole position to benefit from the increasing popularity of digital audio advertising.


AdVoice has gone live in India and Nigeria. Other African, Middle East and Latin American markets will follow in 2017. We are a member of the ChannelVAS group, a leading provider of Mobile Financial Services for telcos.


AdVoice is a new mobile advertising platform that enables Mobile Operators to monetise incoming calls.
AdVoice is offered to operators as an end-to-end solution, including ad inventory sales.
Mobile Operators benefit from our online Demand Side Platform (DSP), in-country sales teams and the partnerships with international media agencies.


Our vision is to couple the operator’s unique insights into their mobile subscribers with multi-channel ad serving capabilities (AdRBT, Messaging, IVR, Streaming, WAP, Web). AdVoice’s Profiling and Bidding capabilities will enable Advertisers to manage campaigns online in very much the same way as Digital Advertising, in fact it enables them to re-target consumers over the operator channels, in addition to the Search and Display publishing channels.


Deeply rooted in emerging markets, AdVoice undertakes to make 10% of its inventory available to charity, humanitarian and Non-Government organizations, creating a platform for these institutions to inform the general public about their programs.


AdVoice is marketed by ChannelVAS, a leading Mobile Value Added Services company and the world’s largest provider of Airtime Credit Services. ChannelVAS is a member of the Channel IT Group.