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About AdVoice

AdVoice is a global telco ad network that enables marketers to target consumer audiences via SMS, USSD, Video Streaming and Audio formats such as Ringback Tone, IVR and streaming. AdVoice’s online interface and profiling engine make telco’s inventory accessible in a digital and programmatic way thus giving advertisers the highest level of reach, targeting, lead generation and analytics.


AdVoice is offered to operators as an end-to- end solution, including ad inventory sales, and to ad agencies as a multi-channel ad platform with advanced targeting,
profiling and real-time bidding capabilities.


Our aim is to become the largest telco ad network in the emerging world. AdVoice’s first steps to reach this goal are clearly visible with the launch of our operations in Nigeria and India in November 2016. Soon enough you will have the opportunity to be part of our global ecosystem as we prepare our expansion in Latin America, South Africa, the MENA region and many more markets!