‘AdVoice Nigeria’ coverage by BusinessDay

‘AdVoice Nigeria’ coverage by BusinessDay

Over the years, it has been the continuous efforts put in by AdVoice to tap the Nigerian market with the concept of ringer-tone ad that can help advertisers, target audience in a 1 to 1 manner and subscribers with free or extra mobile airtime. Efforts paid off well.

AdVoice was covered by ‘Business Day‘ a West Africa’s leading provider of business intelligence and information in one of its article ‘AdVoice introduces ringer-tone ad into Nigerian market’.

The article…

AdVoice, a Nigerian-based mobile phone advertising provider, has introduced audio mobile advertising platform for Nigerian network operators.

The new system allows network operators that keyed into the plan to replace ring tones, especially on the caller’s part with various companies’ advertisements. This new advertising method principally monetises ring tones and subsequently generates revenues; rewards subscribers and offers targeted advertising.

Globally, there are about 5 billion mobile users who on average receive about 4 phone calls a day. That gives you a potential inventory of 20 billion ads. Value of global mobile advertising is presently estimated at over $100 billion.

Under the AdVoice platform and in respect to privacy, mobile phone users are only encouraged to opt-in as they also receive benefits, which include some network services.

AdVoice CEO, Dennis Oudejans, disclosed this, when he paid a courtesy visit to BusinessDay in Lagos yesterday that the platform was effective way to reach targeted audience.

While the caller waits for the respondent on the other side to pick the call, the caller listens to the Ad with interest.

“The beauty of mobile phone Ads is that if a company books a million impressions, the company is guaranteed that those impressions are delivered. On average, the Ad time is 14 seconds. So if a company books for a million impressions, it is guaranteed that the Nigerian consumers would hear that Ad for 14 million seconds or 4,000 hours. They are absolutely measurable and transparent and very cost effective and this is the attractive niche of the proposition,” Oudejans said.

Oudejans, who said that Nigeria is a big market strongly believes that presenting adverts through the ring tone especially in Nigeria with over 148 million mobile phones connected has a wider reach and captive audience.

In Nigeria, he said advertisers have shown greater interest in the platform and “we seem to have a market place that can function where we can basically provide the uniform vehicle for operators to provide proposition that is equivalent to that of top online mobile proposition.”

AdVoice was launched in Nigeria in December last year at a time of market communication budget cuts occasioned by economic recession, a development that affected many agencies, but Oudejans said today clients are spending smartly and wisely as they are now interested in performance, reach and measurability and that is what AdVoice offers.

“We can guarantee that the Ads have been delivered and consumers have known the brands or the proposition it offers. I see us capturing wallet share from the advertising market”, he said confidently.

“We can monitor the campaign performance. The advertiser can see how many subscribers have accessed the adverts and how many calls to action have been taken and they can adjust their campaigns. We are giving digital capabilities to telco inventory which was previously not available”, Oudejans further said.

Oudejans who first came to Nigeria in 1990 described Nigeria as a big market, which is hard to ignore. “Nigeria is a very big market. We know that Nigerians are very expressive. And brands get credibility when they are put in front of consumers. Nigeria is a strategic market for us and the largest economy in Africa. With AdVoice, we can reach illiterate people because of the reach of phone. We are strong in remote areas of Nigeria, this is our key focus”.

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