AdVoice sponsored India’s Top Digital Planners

AdVoice sponsored India’s Top Digital Planners

Being the talk of the town every other day is nice. And we finally got to be the one at the AdVoice sponsored India’s Top Digital Planners. The program was to encourage the media planners. In India, we see plenty of award programs for the creative minds, the ad makers and the agencies, but on rare occasions, we see awards for media planners and buyers. No one can deny the contributions of the media planning and buying team. It was the DainikBhaskar group along with BusinessWorld team who came up with this concept “India’s Top Digital Planners” annual award ceremony.

This was the second year of the program, and so it was the India’s Top Digital Planners – Season II on the 21st January 2017. Following a rigorous jury process led by Sanjeev Handa, VP and Head of Marketing, Maruti Suzuki, 25 professionals were named as ‘India’s Top Digital Planners’ and five were celebrated as the ‘Rising Stars’ of India’s planning industry.

What could have been better than this? This was a much-awaited opportunity for us to represent our self in India on such huge platform. Mr. Igor Hendriksen, Marketing Director, AdVoice announced its launch by sponsoring the brunch, giveaways, quick address note and a ‘Guess the Jingle’ contest. We were highly appreciated and acknowledged for being the path-breaking platform that from a long time was in dire need.

The ‘Guess the Jingle’ contest organised by AdVoice was the game where teams of 2 had to listen to different brand jingle tunes, slightly tweaked, though, and had to be the first one by pressing the buzzer to answer and win exciting prizes. It was fun and engaging as well.

Brunch was served, and we had discussions and networking happening around. As a team, we had a great interaction with the attendees, and we saw inviting interests for AdVoice.

Some interesting thoughts of the speakers at the event:

  • “Digital media is growing at CAGR 35% in India against 10% of the world growth rate.”
  • “Digital will become mainstream in coming 2/3 years.”
  • “Need to assess the marketing methods in this impatience era.”
  • “From a content marketing perspective, patience is a sin; impatience is the virtue.”
  • “It is important to differentiate between the media, right choice of media, analysing the phases of consumer journey, connect and experiment new media.”
  • “Curated content would play a vital role in coming days in India.”
  • “Social advertisement over social media becoming highly important.”
  • “CMO could be changed to CFO where the ‘F’ stands for ‘facilitation’.”
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