AdVoice RBT Audio Ads

AdVoice RBT Audio Ads

A win-win for mobile operators, advertisers & mobile phone users…

‘SKIP’ – Probably the thing most hated by advertisers nowadays. At times it’s frustrating when you see that instead of your repeated efforts, how your ads are being skipped and ignored by users. Advertising mediums are nowadays becoming chaotic too. No wonder why users find it easy to rather skip than to watch, read or even listen.

All channels available till now have been either explored or are being experimented to the fullest. It’s for sure that advertisers’ today wish for a new platform that would rather be more engaging, less noisy and user-friendly. Luckily there is one such medium that has not been much explored yet, and that is the audio advertisement on mobile. In India experiments with mobile phone ads, telemarketing, etc. has failed utterly due to ‘do not disturb’ compliance, huge drop rate and other marketing regulations. ‘Do not disturb’ services alone cuts of about 46.49crs of mobile phone subscribers from getting promotional advertisements that are being offered by the advertisers. Statistics tell that till May’16 India has had approximately 103.32 crs* of total mobile phone subscribers out of which 45%** of the users have DND activated on their networks.

AdVoice has come up with an innovative advertising platform for Indian ad agencies and brands so that they could target the right audience based on profiles (age, location, gender) and their preferences via voice advertisements replacing ringtones in mobile phones. It takes about 14 seconds for a call receiver to pick up a call where AdVoice in between replaces the default caller tune with an advertisement, for the caller. So the caller listens to the voice ads set by AdVoice, and yes definitely with prior permission taken from the call receiver in advance. AdVoice with their tie-ups with different network carriers has made this possible.

In India, as estimate says, there are 29 lakh hours available in terms of ringback tone audio ad inventories. And more importantly, these ads defy the rule of do-not-disturb services even if activated. A tremendous opportunity lies ahead for the advertisers and big brands to engage their audience in a 1-to-1 manner.

A win-win for the Mobile Operators:

Mobile operators now get to earn extra from advertisers who would want to place in their ads to get the undivided attention of their target audience apart from the call charges charged from the mobile phone users. Mobile operators also enjoy increased customer retention rates since they get enabled to offer more discounts.

A win-win for the Mobile Phone Users:

Mobile phone users can now get extra talk time or data in, provided a mobile phone user opts to let his/her callers listen to audio ads instead of default ring back tones when called.

A win-win for the Advertisers:

Audience targeting made easy with 1-to-1 user engagement feature along with 29 lakh hours of ad inventories and that too without any interruption or even an option to ‘SKIP’.

Click to know more on how AdVoice works and the ways you can get benefited.

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