1-to-1 User Engagement with Voice Ads

1-to-1 User Engagement with Voice Ads

One-to-one user engagement with voice ads, that sure sounds exciting. In this context, in what way are ads becoming more interactive, and how exactly do we capture our audience’s constant attention?

Today, an empty mind and uninterrupted attention of prospects are what every ad agencies and brands look for. However, it has become an increasingly significant challenge to get the focus right as the market is becoming highly competitive.

Despite having the knowledge and capabilities to grow a client’s business, agencies often choose short-term profit making channels over the long term ones, marginalising user engagement. Digital advertising channels have proven to be beneficial for businesses in that they increase levels of user engagement, contrary to the “ancient” mediums like outdoor and print (mass targeting and average footfall), email and SMS which has a high chance of spam and low open rates.

Let’s take it to another level: imagine now getting the undivided attention of users through a unique ad experience that works in a 1-to-1 manner.

AdVoice is an innovative mobile ad platform that plays personalised ads to callers rewarding subscribers with free talk time. AdVoice, in partnership with mobile operators, replaces the ringback tone with an audio ad offering a unique opportunity for advertisers to engage with their target audience on a one-to-one approach. Segments that were up to this date unreachable through digital and traditional ads can now be targeted at a much higher level and rate via our profiling engines.

The possibilities offered by AdVoice are limitless:

  • Product/Service introduction
  • Brand recall
  • Improving relationship
  • Increasing brand loyalty


So what are you waiting for? Just visit our Advertiser page to know more about how AdVoice can you help you maximise your reach and get your brand heard.

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