The New Platform with 29 Lakh Hours of Ad Inventories

The New Platform with 29 Lakh Hours of Ad Inventories

Advertising Agencies and brand managers are always in search of new ad media so that they reach their target audience in a very effective and a one-to-one approach. Agencies are the most concerned entities since their focus is always on creating ROIs for clients and accounts.

In India, the most used platforms for adverting are Outdoor, Digital, Print, Transit, Experiential, Events, etc. All these mediums are highly competitive and overcrowded since here the race is on how everyone can draw the attention of the target audience. But in this competition what goes for a toss is the measure of the ROI at times. Some channels do provide a good ROI measure, whereas some fall short and by the time it is realised the investment is already a waste.

ADVOICE here proves to be a much stronger contender in this category which has the potential of being the right advertising medium for the advertisers as well as for the brand managers.

AdVoice is an innovative demand side mobile advertisement platform that plays personalised ads to callers rewarding subscribers with free talk time. AdVoice, in association with mobile operators, replaces the default caller tunes for callers with an audio advertisement offering a unique opportunity for advertisers to engage with their target audience on a one-to-one approach. Segments that were till now unreachable through digital or even traditional advertisements are now made possible with even better ad targeting based on dates, time, budget, product interests and profiles.

Since mobile phones are outnumbering daily newspapers by a factor 10, computers by 3 and TV-sets by 2, the widest reach is guaranteed with this demand side mobile platform.

Scope in India with This Pay-Per-Audio Ad Model:

  • Cell phones in India (approx): 1035 million (1033.2 million on May 2016 as per Wikipedia).
  • Assuming one person receiving at least one call a day with 10 seconds of average call pickup time: 10,350,000,000 seconds of ad inventories.
  • Approximately 29 lakh hours of ad inventories available in India. Moreover, it’s increasing month on month. Huge chances for advertisers to get their brands reach to right TG.

Assumptions apart, the actual average incoming calls for one person in India are 6 to 8 calls per day. And this mind-blowing fact is what makes it the investment with guaranteed golden returns. Click to know more on how AdVoice works and the ways you can get benefited.

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