Do you know Nigerians spend over N212bn on phone calls monthly?

Do you know Nigerians spend over N212bn on phone calls monthly?

The telecom industry in Nigeria is one of the most successful in Africa. The Industry’s contribution has very recently (2016) recorded its biggest addition to the Nigeria’s GDP with N1.6 trillion which represents as much as 9.8% of the total GDP. Research showed that Nigerians spent N212bn on phones calls monthly, on phone calls alone! I think it is safe to say Nigerians sure can talk. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of such an evolutionary industry and make some money while at it and with very minimal cost too?

Well, AdVoice has come to the Nigerian market at the perfect time giving a chance to advertisers and business owners to have a go at this golden opportunity by leveraging the average 12 seconds it takes for a person to pick up their phone.

AdVoice is a new mobile advertising platform that enables advertisers and marketers to monetize incoming calls by replacing the ringing tone with highly targeted audio ads, thus giving them the chance to develop a personal relationship with their target audience.

How it Works?
Advoice was designed with the advertiser in mind. What this platform does is monetizing real-time incoming calls by replacing the ringing tone with targeted audio ads. AdVoice strongly advocates that it is time for advertisers and marketers to finally tap into a global market that generates a potential 12 billion ad impressions daily which is three times the number of internet searches performed daily.

The best part is that mobile users greatly benefit from the business model. Ever heard the saying “happy customer, happy seller”? Okay, so I might have made that up, but it speaks the truth. Well, AdVoice gives you the chance to build customer trust, loyalty and bond.

Let me explain:
As an opt-in model, mobile users accumulate free airtime by subscribing to AdVoice. AdVoice also ensures the caller experience is unaffected: real-time intelligent profiling services, relevant audio ads that do not prolong the wait; ceasing the moment the call is answered.

It is about time for your brand to be heard, it is time for you to take full advantage and maximize profit, generate leads that convert into buying customers. You really don’t have any more excuses for not trying this innovative mobile marketing technology. Take that step today and…


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