PageOne Interview with Ope Filani

PageOne Interview with Ope Filani

We are happy to share an interview of Ope Filani, Country Manager of AdVoice Nigeria, with PageOne, one of Nigeria’s leading business and technology news sites.

AdVoice Bets On Nigeria’s NGN100 Billion Mobile Ad Market

Below is an excerpt of this interesting interview:

In our scout for startups with a difference, we came across AdVoice. According to Ope Filani, the Country Manager of AdVoice, the vision of AdVoice is to disrupt the mobile advertising space while still rewarding mobile users and connecting advertisers with measurable, real time and effective selling opportunities.

What is the hunch to setting up Advoice?

We saw the opportunities created by the size and growth within the Mobile network space. With over 7 billion mobile connections worldwide, advancement in wireless technology has given mobile devices a strong advertising edge. This growth is driven by rapid adoption of smartphones and media tablets for multipurpose use ranging from communication to infotainment. As mobile devices allow a higher level of interaction, leading brands are depending on them to advertise their products aggressively.

Over the last 6 years, advertisers’ needs have evolved quite significantly. They are now looking towards performance ads, which are measurable, and they need to reach a larger audience at the same time. These advertisers also look for solutions/tools, which can be used efficiently to manage their campaigns and deliver brand/marketing messages to the same audience via multiple advertising channels.

Although mobile network operator data has long been recognized as an invaluable source of intelligence for the advertising ecosystem, it has so far lacked the scalable technology, privacy compliance and business models required.

AdVoice has been designed, having taken into consideration or with the following expectations.

1) the advertiser demand and;

2) the basic mobile network technology, which is available from all operators and can be used to accommodate the advertising needs. Past operator-owned approaches have tried and failed to dictate to the market without responding to what advertisers want. The only way to achieve success in Mobile Ad ecosystem is processing the customer data and commercializing it in a manner which suits the Digital Advertising Eco-System!

*What is Advoice and what is it not?

AdVoice is a Company that aims to provide end-to-end advertising services on top of a proprietary Demand Side Platform (or DSP). The company undertakes to handle the advertising sales, invoicing and payment collection. It has developed strong relationships with Mobile Network Operators, global and regional media agencies.

As a first step in our roadmap AdVoice’s AdRBT platform enables Mobile Operators to monetize incoming calls by replacing the ringing tone with highly targeted audio ads. It also allows Advertisers to engage with their target audience in a one-on-one fashion. Unlike standard solutions that typically target smartphone users, our technology allows advertisers to reach any mobile user in Nigeria regardless of their phone types (smartphone or feature phone).  Also, our intelligent profiling system allows advertisers to effectively target users according to a wide range of variables: location, interests, behavioral pattern, etc.

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