Welcome to AdVoice’s Official Blog!

Welcome to AdVoice’s Official Blog!

DennisIt is my pleasure to welcome you to AdVoice’s official communication channel. Three years ago Bassim Haidar and I had a lofty dream: to build the most advanced Telecom advertising platform for emerging markets. We had high hopes for our venture and after engaging with global advertisers, Telecom operators and international mobile users, we knew that there was a strong need for an all-inclusive solution that leverages the operators’ untapped mobile channels in a similar fashion to digital advertising; a solution each party in the global mobile ecosystem could call its own; a solution that provides real value to operators, advertisers and users.

Dreams, however, are not what success is made of. We knew that there would be hard work and challenges ahead. But we also knew that our vision was worth fighting for. So we persisted and enlisted a team of experts that believed in our vision and that shared our passion. Over the years, bonds were forged, friendships made and battles won.
AdVoice is now set to debut its mobile services in Nigeria in September 2016 and I couldn’t be more proud of my team who worked extremely hard to bring our vision to reality.

AdVoice has a unique value proposition: it offers Telecom operators inclusion into a $100bn mobile ad industry by becoming members of the world’s first and largest Mobile Network Operator Ad Network. By replacing the ring back tone with highly targeted advertising messages, our proprietary technology unlocks 10-15 second of consumers’ undivided attention. Subscribers are then rewarded for exposing callers to highly targeted and relevant ads and offers.

But AdVoice is so much more than a simple advertising service: it is the largest mobile platform to effectively complement the Telecom operators’ existing services via a Demand Side Platform. It is the single best alternative to Over-The-Top advertising. It is the most comprehensive targeting solution for global advertisers that need to reach mobile users in emerging markets. And it is one of the world’s few mobile ecosystems to reward subscribers by integrating principles of the Sharing Economy.

We will share more information about all of these points in the upcoming weeks through the AdVoice Blog. This official communication channel will provide educational and informational content that will help Telecom operators, advertisers and mobile users better understand our services. We will also keep it lively by sharing moments from our daily lives at the office. The AdVoice Blog is your doorway to our world: make sure to bookmark it and to check back often!

Dennis Oudejans
Co-Founder & CEO, AdVoice

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